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9 Wedding Gown Myths Unveiled

Everyone always looks forward to their wedding day. It’s the beginning of a new phase in a couple’s life, where two unique individuals become one and commit to devoting their lives to each other. Preparations for the wedding are filled with excitement and anticipation. The couple has to choose the theme, prepare the guest list and invitations, and a whole lot more. The bride also needs to choose her dream wedding gown. However, weddings are full of traditions and myths. The same goes for wedding gowns as well.

To this day, these superstitions are still practiced for good measure. Here are the top wedding dress myths and their origin that you should know about.


1. Wedding gowns should be white

There have been changes in wedding gown designs throughout the centuries but one tradition has not changed, wedding gowns must absolutely be white. Actually, the bride can choose any color for her wedding gown. There’s no specific written rule that says it should not be any other color other than white.

There are two origins of this superstition. The first one is a long-running tradition that started when Queen Victoria got married in a white gown. Before her, the color white was not associated with weddings at all. There were so many press releases of her nuptials that white gowns became a norm. Furthermore, the color white is associated with purity and virginity. It is said that a bride in white symbolizes purity before marriage.

The second origin is from the Romans. For them, the color white is associated with joy, which is why you’ll see them wearing white to occasions and that includes weddings.

Although white gowns have become a traditional choice, there are a lot of shades that you can choose from while still sticking closely to tradition. From champagne, ivory, to blush, you can certainly choose the color that you like.



2. Bride sewing her own gown

If you plan to DIY your wedding gown, then you might have to think twice. One of the common myths you might hear is that a bride sewing her own gown would be asking for a rocky marriage. It is said that every stitch a bride makes on her gown is equal to the number of tears she’s going to shed. You can just imagine the number of stitches a gown has.

Actually, the more practical reason would be to avoid giving the bride more stress about her wedding. It is already challenging enough to plan the whole thing even with the help of a wedding planner. Sewing her own wedding dress would just add more work to an already overworked bride.

Plus, for everyone including the thinner and curvier brides, having someone else see what parts need a little adjustment would be a big help in attaining that perfect look on your big day.


3. If it does not fit then it was not meant to be

Modern pop culture has this belief that if the gown you chose does not fit then it wasn’t meant to be yours. In reality, unless your wedding dress designer has measurements down to a tee, your dress will certainly go through a few more adjustments before it fits perfectly.

No worries, most brides go through a lot of fittings as well. Plus, you will certainly have an array of wedding gown designs available to you from the Couture Bridal Collective wedding gown boutique. They are even willing to make necessary adjustments on the gown to make sure that it fits perfectly.

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4. The bride should not wear her wedding gown before the wedding day

The myth goes that if a bride wears her wedding dress before the wedding she will have bad luck which might cause the wedding to be canceled. Furthermore, if she wears the whole wedding getup in front of a full-length mirror, bad luck will also follow.

It might sound scary but most of the brides nowadays wear their wedding gowns before the day of the ceremony to check if the gown fits her body snugly. But if you still want to follow tradition and still want a gown that fits, one thing you can do is to try using the gown’s slip to check and have the gown altered based on measurements from the sl


5. Say no to velvet

Wearing a velvet wedding gown will bring poverty into the marriage that is what this wedding dress myth says. In the olden times, silk was a luxury and the color white was impractical, pair these two together and you have an expensive gown for your wedding, which indicates that you have the money to spend.

On the other hand, velvet and satin were go-to materials for anyone who wants a beautiful wedding gown. So for the brides in that era, having a velvet wedding gown equates to being in the middle class.

You can choose to follow this superstition or not as, but as long as you are happy with the material of your gown, then go for it. There are many gowns with different materials that you can choose from at Couture Bridal Collective. You will only have to set an appointment and you can start with your wedding gown hunting.

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6. No Pearls

Whether you have pearls on your wedding dress or as your accessories, pearls bring the bride tears and a life full of heartache. This particular version of superstition is quite popular and has been passed down from generation to generation. On the other hand, another version says that the pearls worn by the guests on the wedding day take the place of the bride’s tears of the bride. Thus, this brings her a joyous wedding and married life.


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7. The color of the wedding dress determines the bride’s fate

Colors are often associated with myths and the wedding dress is no exception to that. Using colors to bring in luck and determine the fate of the marriage is quite common not only in America but also in different parts of the world.

While white is a popular color here, wearing red on your wedding day in Asia brings good fortune and luck. While in Europe and the US, wearing red to the wedding means death. If you choose to wear yellow, this might indicate that the bride is embarrassed by her future beau. Pink means that the couple will find that their passion for each other will die down, and if you wear a black wedding dress then you’ll live a life full of regret.


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8. It should be from an expensive wedding gown boutique

It may be true that the wedding gowns of celebrities and royalties set the price bar higher, but did you know that there is one wedding dress superstition that demands you to spend quite a sum on your wedding dress or else you will get bad luck or lose your fortune?

This wedding dress myth started in the Victorian era where families of the rich and powerful would commonly pour their wealth unto their daughter’s nuptials. For the elite, weddings are a social setting where they can mingle with other powerful people and create connections to strengthen their status.

Queen Victoria was the cover girl of this luxury mainly because of how public her wedding was. Furthermore, she catapulted the trend of using white silk wedding dresses which could only be worn once.


9. It should reflect the bride’s personality perfectly

Wedding dresses are perfect representations of the bride’s personality. The more unique to you the better, but this could also mean a higher selling price that only a well-padded bride could afford. It may not bring you bad luck but it also lessens the sentimental feeling of wearing one if another bride has the exact same one.

You don’t have to worry, though, you could still have a unique ready-to-wear wedding gown by altering or adding a few changes. Set a date and choose from among the designer collection that a wedding gown boutique has. You can also check their collection of wedding gowns online.


There are definitely plenty of reasons why a wedding dress is chosen. Don’t let these wedding dress myths stop you from wearing your dream gown on your wedding day. Go for a dress that that truly speaks to you, no matter what society dictates.