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Do I bring my phone or not? That is the question!

It’s 7pm, the doors open exposing the wedding venue. You look down the aisle at all of your family and friends and then focus your eyes on your love, looking at you with his adoring eyes. The candles are flickering in the beautifully decorated venue as the sun sets for your evening candlelight wedding. Your heart flutters with excitement and nervousness. The processional music ends and the wedding march (song) begins. Your dad looks down at you and says “are you ready?”. You look at him, take a deep breath, nod your head  and mouth the word yes. Then you turn and start walking down the aisle…and… suddenly…everyone reaches in their purses and pockets, pulls out their cell phones and begins to record you and your dad walking down the aisle.    

All of a sudden your nervousness turns into pure horror as you picture your face plastered all over Facebook live and as much as you try not to start snatching everyone’s phone, you keep your cool, smile and focus on making it to the alter


How many times have you seen this happen? You’ve probably been the person to pull out her cell phone and start snapping pictures not even realizing that you’re potentially ruining the bride and groom’s special day.

I know how tempting it is to whip out those phones at concerts and parties and sing your favorite lyrics, so your entire timeline see’s how much fun you’re having, but aren’t some things sacred?

Lately, we’ve been seeing celebrities implement the “no cell phone rule”. This is when you turn your phone in at the door of the wedding venue and get it back when the shindig is over. Sounds pretty extreme but just asking your wedding guest to refrain from taking pictures or recording the ceremony is simply not enough. Someone is going to sneak a picture; I know, because that someone is me! (it’s just too tempting).


But I understand and I applaud couples that decide to take this bold move to preserve their wedding day. I mean, how annoying is it to log into Facebook when you get to your honeymoon destination only to see that your entire ceremony has been live streamed.

So brides, don’t ever feel that you are being rude or unreasonable when enacting the “no cell phone policy”. It’s your day and you want it to be perfect. Your guest will either fall in line or stay home.

And guest, lets put those cell phones away and respect the couples wishes. Enjoy the wedding and preserve these memories through your own eyes and not through the lens of the camera. It’s their perfect day and the couple will never get it back.